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A Company Built on Passion and Dedication

Since our founding, we’ve done nothing but provide our clients with quality water well solutions that include everything from well drilling to dewatering.

More Than Four Generations of Excellence

Daisey’s Well Drilling is a family-owned and -operated provider of water well services to clients in Sussex County and other areas in Delaware. Our approach revolves around our dedication to providing professional service and maintaining good client experiences.

We treat each project like our own and maintain excellent workmanship every time. With us, you can rest assured that your water well system uses only quality materials every time. These include Goulds Pumps, of which we are authorized dealers.

A well drilling expert at work
Two generations of Daiseys

Our Humble Beginnings

The company was founded in 1985 when George Daisey decided to start his own company after working with his father all his life. Both his father and grandfather were well drillers, so the talent has run in the family since 1941. Equipped with a natural gift for machining, George built his first well rig using a 3×4 magazine photo as a reference. In 10 days, he was already drilling his first well.

George’s wife, Mary, worked alongside him. Eventually, his son, Mike, also started working full-time in the family business when he was old enough. This involved continued learning about the trade and developing hands-on experience through incoming projects and Goulds Pumps classes.

The unexpected passing of George in 1994 left Mike and Mary to run the business. Rediscovering his strength after the grief of losing his father, Mike took over the company and continued to operate with the same family values of quality, efficiency, and integrity without compromise.